What's It Like To Be A Rockette?

Ever wonder what it's like to be a world famous Radio City Rockette? Most likely you've seen our friend Christine Sienicki on our site modeling the collection. But did you know she is an accomplished dancer who has been a Rockette for 19 seasons? Here's your chance to learn more about her!


Did you always want to be a Rockette? What was the audition process like?

I actually would often go to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular as a kid because my studio would take field trips to the show because a fellow student was the little boy in the production and also a former student became a Rockette and she was someone I had always looked up to.


The audition process is really intense. There is always a line around the block on audition day at Radio City with hundreds of girls lined up. It usually consists of multiple days worth of dancing with all different sorts of combos from jazz, tap and kicklines and multiple cuts throughout.


How long have you been a Rockette?  What’s the best thing about it?  The most challenging?

This year will be my 19th season as a Rockette. The best thing about it is probably getting to perform on the Radio City stage in front of 6,000 smiling faces every show. That stage is like no other. 


I love wearing Emily Hsu Designs to rehearsal because it just brightens my day. I love seeing all the fun and colorful patterns in the mirror! They are also super comfy and flattering!




The most challenging about being a Rockette is probably the energy it takes. We do up to 4 and sometimes 5 shows a day but will also do public relations and events on those same days. So sometimes you could end up having a 19 hour day at times.


When did you start dancing and what was your training? 

I was 6 years old when I first started going to Dance World Academy in New Jersey. I guess by the time I turned 5, everyone was getting tired of me always dancing in front of the TV because I was constantly blocking them from watching so they told my parents that they better get me into a dancing school now! So my mom, who is a notoriously late person, brought me to DWA but we were too late to sign up for admission. Supposedly I cried and cried and cried so she promised me that the next year we'd be on time. And the rest is history! Ha ha. I got amazing training there in all genres of dance from ballet to tap, pointe to hip hop, lyrical to jazz, you name it and we did it. I also studied under the Royal Academy of Ballet and we had a few Kirov teachers teach at our studio as well, along with numerous guest teachers from all over.


Me at 6 with wayyyy too much blush on!:


Rockette Christine Sienicki


What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on outside of being a Rockette?

I feel so very fortunate to have been a part of so many fun projects aside from the Rockettes that it's so hard to choose! I really enjoy doing tv and movies so some of my favorite projects would have to be “Madame Secretary,” “Jessica Jones,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Fosse/Verdon,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Kitchen,” “Isn't It Romantic,” and so many others.


What’s your daily fitness routine?

My days always vary. I try to take dance classes the most as part of my workout regimen when I can but I teach a lot of classes also so even when I am the teacher (and not the student) I feel like I get a huge workout that way as well! But I love all sorts of exercises from cycling to yoga and anything outdoors really. Hiking is my favorite.


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Christine Sienicki