Broadway Dancer And Master Trainer Beth Nicely

Beth Nicely is a master trainer at Body by Simone, one of NYC's most popular fitness studios; a dancer in the hit Broadway show Chicagoand the creator of the tap dancing phenomenon POPTAP. We wanted to find out how she does it all with so much energy and a smile on her face.


When and how did you and Emily meet?

Emily and I met doing the Broadway show Spamalot in 2005 when I made my Broadway debut as a swing (more about that later in the blog)!


You’re a master trainer at Body by Simone…tell us about how you got you started there and what your journey has been at BBS.

I started teaching at BBS 8 years ago after my friend recommended I audition for Simone’s first trainer audition. I was hired with 2 other gals and I’ve loved it ever since. I love helping people become healthy & strong. Along the way, I’ve grown physically and mentally as well. I’ve met so many amazing people and it feels like home to me. What I love about the BBS community is that it’s ego free and SO welcoming. I always say that it’s a group of people that really want to be there since the location is a bit far west in NYC. The fitness world can be very narcissistic and less about helping people, especially on social media. BBS is nothing like that. It’s a little bubble of community & love. Seeing people’s lives transform and change for the good is why I do what I do.  





You also currently perform in the hit Fosse musical Chicago as “Mona.” Tell us about your Broadway experiences.

I’ve been in six Broadway shows and one Broadway National Tour: 42nd Street 1st National Tour, Spamalot, Young Frankenstein, White Christmas, Bullets Over Broadway, Something Rotten and Chicago. I’ve been a swing three times on Broadway. A swing is someone that steps in for any ensemble member at any time. So you have to know every ensemble part in the show. It’s a very hard job that is sometimes thankless BUT amazing at the same time because you’re are literally doing the impossible! You’re saving the show! I loved being a swing because the show always changes for you. I’ve learned so much being a swing and am so thankful for that. I do love performing all the time though! Performing in Chicago every night is awesome. The show is so iconic and it feels really special to be a part of its legacy. And the dancing! So fun.


In addition to teaching at BBS and performing in Chicago, you’ve also created a dance class called POPTAP. Can you tell us about that?

POPTAP is similar to BBS in that it is a positive, uplifting community of people that love to tap dance. I started it for a group of girlfriends doing the Lincoln Center Crazy For You concert. I really wanted to be a part of that show but didn’t end up getting it, which is the business I’m in. So I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and help my friends that did get it so they felt good about their tap dancing. The POP part was all me because I like to tap dance to pop music ha!  Anyway, we ended up deciding on Wednesday as our weekly gathering. After a while more people wanted to join in and the community grew to what it is today! It’s so beautiful and special to my heart. I love tap dancing so much so my other goal was to try and put as much tap dance out there in the world in a relevant way so that it’s not an art form that ever gets overlooked or forgotten. Each weekly post is my way of doing that. I’m a self proclaimed tap dance advocate ha!


How do you possibly have energy to do it all? You are superwoman!

I think I have energy because I’m doing what I love and am surrounded by the most amazing people. I’m big on energies around you and clearing the air if something is bringing you down. Life is so short and it should feel like a joyful celebration no matter where you are and what you’re doing. My mom taught me that happiness comes from within and I truly believe that. When you do what you love and surround yourself with good people, it’s very easy to be filled with joy...and energy.


You’ve modeled for Emily Hsu Designs and we know you post all the time in her line; you’ve worn her designs from the very start when Emily would sew everything herself right?

I wear Emily Hsu Designs EVERYWHERE!  When I teach at BBS, dance, run errands, go out, yoga, you name it! I love them so much. They are so comfy and I’m really into the high waist band. They are always the legging I constantly reach for in my closet. I also love that my friend and fellow Broadway gal started the company by herself and has grown it so beautifully. I love supporting my friends and her company has a really great message and brand for women. Go Emily!